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Cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics, and there is a good reason for it. We use products that are made from cotton daily. The sheets we sleep on, the clothes we wear, the diaper that our baby wears, and in fact, some of the food that we consume are partly made from cotton. Conventional cotton growth requires an enormous amount of chemicals, water, and energy; however, with organic farming we will be protecting our health as well as the environment.

Here are five benefits you'll get when you choose to buy products that were made from organic cotton:

1. It is good for our health: 

Babies and children are at high risk of being affected by the pesticides used on conventional cotton. The baby’s skin is significantly thinner and more sensitive than ours, and by choosing organic cotton bedding and clothing we are reducing their contact with harmful pesticides. Moreover, when the baby is sleeping on organic cotton bedding items, he will not breathe in all those chemicals that were sprayed on the cotton in its growing cycle. Lastly, organic cotton doesn't smell from those chemicals like the conventional cotton does.

2. Reduce eco-footprint:

Here is a surprising fact: conventional cotton is grown on 2.5% of the world's cultivated land. In turn, it uses 16% of the world’s insecticides and around 7% of pesticides - more than any other crop!

Chemicals used in the processing of cotton pollute the planet - land, air, and water are affected by this. Preventing water pollution is a big deal because, for around 50% of the US population, ground water is the primary drinking water source.

Organic cotton, compared to conventional cotton, demands around 70% less water and 60% less energy.

3. It protects the Farmer’s health:

 Growing organic cotton keeps the farmers and their families safe and healthy. The use of chemicals while growing conventional cotton creates exposure to the hazardous materials in the field and through water and food. Consistent exposure to those pesticides and insecticides can be harmful, and many farmers around the world end up getting sick - some have even lost their lives due to this exposure.

4. It makes our food healthier: 

Most people are unaware of the fact that the cotton seed is used in the food industry. Oil extracted from the cotton seed is used in vegetable oil, cookies and other foods we consume daily. When using seeds that come from organically grown plants, we prevent those chemicals from going into our body.

5. It helps you make a difference.

By choosing organic cotton, you help make the world a better place;

You help people live healthier lives; you help grow the demand for organic products- and by that, lowering the prices of such products. You help preserve our planet for the next generations to come. Organic cotton makes about 1% of all cotton grown worldwide. By choosing organic, you influence more manufacturers and farmers to move to organic.

Choose organic cotton - and help us create a better world to live in!

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