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Cotton is a fiber that is used in many household products. However, most of these are made with conventionally grown cotton. Sadly, using products with conventional cotton comes with many downsides. Buying organically grown cotton products, however, has several benefits for you, your baby, and the environment. From the sheets in your little ones’ crib, to what goes on their bottom, when choosing products, going organic is always the best option.

Here are seven reasons why organic cotton is the ultimate fabric:


  1. It’s free from harsh chemicals

Conventional cotton is laden with yucky toxins. During the production process, tons of pesticides are used on the cotton plants that ultimately stay through to the end product. Unfortunately, these chemicals can be absorbed through your babies’ skin or can be breathed in, which can cause some scary side effects. Organic cotton growers, however, use manual weed removal and crop rotation to protect the crops. This means the end product won’t have any chemicals that can harm your little ones.


  1. It’s softer

Organic cotton is much softer than conventional cotton because of the way it’s picked. Organically grown cotton is handpicked rather than machine picked like conventional cotton. This preserves the purity of every fiber and ensures they do not get damaged in the process. Products like organic cotton crib sheets will be softer on baby’s skin, making it more comfortable for them to sleep on.


  1. It lasts longer

Organic cotton products are a lot higher quality than conventional cotton products as they are less processed. Since we are constantly doing our little ones’ laundry, higher quality means increased durability. Conventional cotton starts breaking down after 10 to 20 washes while it takes about 100 washes for organic cotton to break down. Although organic cotton products cost a little extra, you get more value for your money!


  1. It’s more sustainable

Organically grown products are so much better for the environment than conventionally produced ones. Since chemicals are not used during organic cotton production, this ensures that pesticide residue won’t end up in our air, water, and food supply. Organic cotton also uses significantly less water and energy during production.  


  1. It’s easier on farmers

We often don’t consider how the products we buy affects those who produce it. But we should. Since conventional cotton production involves the use of pesticides, this means that the farmers are directly exposed to those chemicals. Constantly breathing in those harmful agents is extremely dangerous for farmers. As stated before, the organic cotton production process doesn’t involve pesticides. So, this keeps the farmers safe and healthy!  


  1. It’s hypoallergenic

Little ones have very delicate skin as it is. Babies with skin allergies require even more tender loving care. If your baby constantly has rashes on their body, you may be surprised to know that it might be from their clothing. Organic cotton products are very gentle on the skin because they don’t contain any harmful toxins. This will reduce the chance of them getting any rashes or irritation.


  1. It’s everywhere

Not long ago, organic cotton products were hard to come by. With more awareness about the benefits of organic cotton, more and more companies are using it over conventional cotton. Now, there is a much greater selection when it comes to finding the products you want. My Little North Star, in fact, has a wide variety of organic cotton baby products like organic cotton pillows and crib sheets.


You, your baby, our farmers, Mother Earth – you name it, organic cotton is better for everyone. If you’re looking to make the switch to organic cotton as soon as possible, we can help! My Little North Star has a collection of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton baby products. Take a look at our adorable and affordable organic cotton crib sheets, swaddle blankets, pillows, and changing pads, here.


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