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Creating an eco-friendly nursery isn’t just about making sure your home is good for the earth—it’s about keeping your little one as safe as possible. Sustainable paint, furniture, and materials are less likely to have the harmful toxins that cause irritation and serious health problems. So, when you choose non-toxic nursery rugs, wall paint, gliders and other furniture, you’re ensuring your baby grows up happy and healthy in their very first home.


To show you just how easy it is to create an organic nursery, we created this resource for eco-friendly parents that want to make their nursery as sustainable and non-toxic as possible.


Cribs, Dressers, and Changing Tables

No eco-friendly nursery is complete without non-toxic furniture. Unfortunately, cribs and other nursery furniture can sometimes be made of materials that aren’t very healthy for baby. That’s why you have to look out for the materials, fabric and fibers in every piece of nursery furniture you choose.


For cribs and other furniture, avoid pressed wood made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). It’s an inexpensive material that can release formaldehyde, so always choose items made from natural wood. And if you want your natural wood furniture to be as sustainable as possible, certain types of wood furniture are certified by forest-protection organizations.  


And remember that babies tend to chew on cribs—so a non-toxic paint or finish is an absolute must. For any painted or finished furniture, look for low VOC paint, beeswax, and natural oils.


Crib Mattresses

Despite the fact that babies spent most of their infancy asleep, most crib mattresses are filled with preservatives and other chemicals that can be harmful for your baby. Fortunately, there are organic baby mattresses made with organic cotton fillings and fabrics.


Of course, bedding should also be completely non-toxic. Look for pure, unprocessed bedding like certified 100% organic cotton, which is made with sustainable farming practices and is totally hypoallergenic.


And don’t forget about changing pad covers—your baby will probably have their bare skin touching the fabric, so make sure it’s made from a non-toxic material like organic cotton.


Baby Blankets

Your baby will spend a good chunk of their infancy wrapped in a swaddle blanket, so it’s important that it’s hypoallergenic and free of irritants. Blankets made from certified, 100% organic cotton is a great bet. Plus, they’re incredibly soft and easy to clean.


Wall Paint

Because most paints give off toxic fumes, parents need to use non-toxic paint for nursery furniture or walls. It’s crucial that you not only paint your nursery as early as possible, but also choose zero-VOC paint.


There are many options for non-toxic wall paint for your nursery, look for paint made with earth pigments, tree and plant oils, beeswax, citrus-peel thinners, or even milk-based paints. Of course, if you choose a food-based paint, make sure your baby has no food allergies.


Chalk paint, whether on the walls or on the furniture, is also a fun option.



Babies spend a lot of time on rugs, whether they’re just playing or for tummy time—so remember to choose non-toxic nursery rugs. Because synthetic rugs are sprayed with Scotchguard, flame retardants, and fabric finishers, they often omit hundreds of harmful chemicals. They also often have glue backing that emits formaldehyde.


When choosing non-toxic nursery rugs, look for untreated natural fibers and organic plant-based dyes. Pure wool is a good option, and don’t forget to forgo a glue backing.


Gliders & Rocking Chairs

Finding the perfect comfort glider is one of the wonders of creating a space for you and your baby. But if you want an eco-friendly nursery, then you need an eco-friendly nursery glider. That means upholstery free of chemical flame retardants and phthalates. The foam filling should also be free of flame retardants.


The fabric should also be made with low-impact dyes, and made of natural materials like cotton, hemp, silk, or linen.  


From eco-friendly nursery gliders to non-toxic wall paint for your nursery, there a few simple choices that parents can make to create an eco-friendly, organic baby nursery. Thankfully, more and more brands, like My Little North Star, are creating baby products that are sustainable, non-toxic, and safe for baby. Check out My Little North Star’s collection of organic products made from sustainable, natural ingredients, here.


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