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Going green isn’t only great for you and your little one, but the planet too! Though it may seem like a tough task with kids and a busy schedule, becoming a greener mom or dad can be easy. With that in mind, check out our guide with simple and effective ways to practice natural parenting.


  1. Use Non-Toxic Paint in the Nursery

A nursery is a baby’s safe haven. It should be free of harmful chemicals in order to keep baby safe and healthy. The first step to an eco-friendly nursery is using non-toxic paint on the walls and on any furniture in the room. Always use paints that are zero-VOC as they emit little to no harmful fumes. Using plant-based paints are a good option as well. If you are looking to find more tips for creating an eco-friendly nursery, our how to blog post is a perfect resource.  


  1. Switch to Organic Cotton

Your little one’s delicate skin requires a lot of extra love. You want to start with all the organic baby stuff you can find. Organic baby products provide the extra care that babies’ sensitive skin needs. When buying products like crib sheets, pillowcases, pillows, changing pad covers and diapers, they should be made with 100% certified organic cotton rather than conventional cotton. Pure organic cotton is more sustainable, softer, and gentler for baby.


  1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Unfortunately, many household and baby products contain harsh chemicals. Keeping an eye out for these harmful toxins when at the store will not only keep your baby safe but also help the environment. If you’re unsure about which ingredients to avoid, visit our recent blog post for a list of the most common chemicals found in baby products. However, purchasing all-natural baby products is the best way to avoid yucky toxins.


  1. Utilize Reusable Products

Reducing waste is an obvious, but important aspect of going green. Rather than continually throwing out single use plastic items, start adding reusable products to your kitchen. Reusable bags, food storage containers, and utensils are all great for you and your little ones, and for reducing unnecessary waste in your household and in landfills.


  1. Recycle

We know our little ones grow up at lightspeed. Every product they have grown out of, may be taking up unwanted space in your home. Recycling or donating items like clothing, car seats, strollers will not only free up space but also help a parent in need. Or, if you are a parent in need of certain baby gear, finding recycled items is a cheaper and greener option!


See, going green can be simple! Following these easy and effective steps will make you a greener, more sustainable parent in no time.


If you're looking for all-natural baby products, like our organic cotton crib sheets, we've got you covered, (literally). My Little North Star has a collection of organic products that are the absolute best for your little one – and the planet, too!

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