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Having a baby is a beautiful experience, but can also be very difficult - and certainly one that demands a lot of patience! One of the top concerns all new parents have is, without a doubt, how to make their baby sleep all night while allowing the parents to sleep and be ready for their daily activities and responsibilities.

A newborn baby has to sleep 13-16 hours a day, for the first 6 months; after that they can reduce to about 11-12 hours a day. However, for you not to have bedtime problems with your baby at night, you should teach your baby how to self-calm.

Going to sleep:

The first thing parents need to pay attention to is the bedtime routine. Try to avoid creating a habit, such as rocking, snuggling and cuddling your baby to sleep because that will create a habit - that will also interrupt you during the night because your baby won't know how to fall asleep without that habit. Try putting your baby to bed while they’re awake, and you can stay in the room to make them comfortable, but let them fall asleep on their own.

Sleeping issues through the night:

When your baby is crying in the middle of the night, and waking you up even several times a night, you want to figure out if they are crying because they are wet, hungry, or in pain, or for other reasons.

After you’ve checked and made sure it is not due to these reasons mentioned before, you should let your baby self-calm and try not to pick them up. This will make your baby learn to fall asleep by themselves.

As mentioned before, you can stay in the room while they fall asleep; this is going to give the baby confidence that you are there. This process can be exhausting for the first couple of days; however, if you are consistent enough, after a week or so, you will achieve better night sleep and won’t have to wake up at midnight so often. 

Creating a daily sleep routine:

When you are having problems at night in the bedtime with your baby, it might be because they didn’t have enough sleep during the day - yes, during the day.

The sleep routine of your baby during the day is a key factor when it is time to make them sleep at bedtime. Planning a good schedule and sleeping routine with naps every 2 hours for 1 hour or so is going to help your baby fall asleep at night.

Changing from the crib to big-kid bed:

When your baby is about 3 years old, you might consider getting a big-kid bed. At first, the baby can step out the bed because they don’t have the restraints; this is normal, even though the official bedtime has passed. If the baby is playing with toys or books, you can let them play a little bit longer in quiet.

Endless calls from your kid:

When your kid is now 3-5 years old, it’s important to already have a well-established bedtime routine and be consistent with it. This time it is not to make your toddler fall asleep, but to stop the curtain calls at night.

Spend around 30-40 minutes with different activities with your kid before bedtime by reading them a book, playing, giving them a bath, etc.

From time to time, you can also give an incentive by letting them choose an “extra thing”, such as another fairytale, an extra toy, etc. 

By applying these methods at the very beginning of the life of your baby, it will help you face many of the sleeping problems the majority of new parents go through with their babies.

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