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How to Make Bath Time Fun for You and Your Little Ones

We all love a soft and squeaky-clean baby. But, getting them that way is harder than most people think. Some babies absolutely hate bath time, making it hard for us to like it, too. This can make your night-time routine even more stressful than it already is. But, don’t stress!

If you’re looking for ways to make bath time more enjoyable for you and baby, here are 7 different ways you can make bath time fun for you and your little ones:


  1. Use Bath Time Toys

Bath time toysare a great distraction for little ones, no matter their age. Since babies are familiar with toys outside of the bathtub, this may make them feel more comfortable in the water. Just make sure the bath time toys you use float, are waterproof, and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. This will be a great learning experience as well, since your little one can work on their fine motor skills by grasping the toys.


  1. Use a Baby Bath Seat

Washing baby in a regular bathtub or sink may not be the most effective method. And, your little ones may not like it. Without a bath seat, your baby may not feel safe or comfortable. Plus, using a baby bath seat makes things so much easier. Bath seats are designed to support the head and neck of your little one, which leaves your hands free to properly clean baby. There are several types of bath seats available, so make sure you buy the most appropriate one for their age!


  1. Always Use Tear-Free Baby Shampoo

If your baby typically cries during bath time, don’t let their shampoo and body wash be another reason why. Always buy baby shampoo and body wash that is tear-free, and even better yet, organic! Tear-free shampoo and body wash will ensure that the product won’t sting if it accidentally gets in baby’s eyes.


  1. Incorporate Music

Music can be a great calming tool, especially for babies. Testing different genres of music may be beneficial to determine what type they respond to best. Once you’ve figured this out, play it at the beginning of every bath. This will allow baby to learn to associate a certain type of music with bath time, creating a soothing effect every time they hear the music.


  1. Keep Them Nice and Warm

Your little ones may not like bath time because the water is too cold. Obviously keeping the bath water at a lukewarm temperature will help. However, in order to keep them extra warm and comfortable, run a washcloth under warm water and place it on their tummy.


  1. Use LOTS of Bubbles

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good bubble bath. Most babies are fascinated by bubbles, making them another great distraction. Whether you use bubble bath or blow bubbles using a wand, they’ll be sure to love them. If you decide to use a bubble bath solution, just make sure that it is an ultra-mild, chemical-free one!


  1. Join the (Bath) Party

If none of these tips seem to be working, you should consider getting into the bath with your little one. Babies love skin-to-skin contact, so this may will be a great way to calm them down until they are fully adjusted to water. And, not to mention, it’s the perfect way to bond with them!


We hope these 7 tips make bath time more enjoyable for you and your little ones. If your baby still isn’t wary of water, don’t worry. It will get better with time!


If you’re looking for the perfect baby shampoo and body wash for bath time, we can help! My Little North Star has a natural shampoo and body wash that is tear-free, made with organic ingredients, and great for sensitive skin.

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